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Sex Position Coloring Book SALE
Sex Position Coloring Book - Back Cover SALE

An Adult Coloring Book Full of Sex Positions

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The Sex Position Coloring Book makes a great gag gift and party activity for the Bachelorette Party. Get cool and unique party gear like this only at

Hot Facts

  • Sex Position Coloring Book
  • Over 100 Pages
  • A new position to color on every page

Item Description

There’s those few classic sex positions that everyone knows: missionary, doggy style, cowgirl. You could probably color in pictures of those with your eyes closed. But what about the Hasselhoff? Or the Campfire Singalong? Or the Bass Trombone? You’ll learn to color all these exotic positions and more with the Sex Position Coloring Book. We’re pretty sure the authors of this book made a lot of these names up, but who can blame them - coming up with 101 sex positions is hard work. But coloring them in isn’t!

The Sex Position Coloring Book makes a great gift for the Bachelorette - after all, she’ll need all the inspiration she can get to keep things interesting now that she’s tying herself down to one person for the rest of her life! It also makes a really fun Bachelorette Party activity if you’re planning on staying in for the night, as everyone can tear out a page to color themselves or work together to color one (and to figure out what the heck some of these positions are even supposed to be). We guess you could take it out to the bar with you, too, but don’t be surprised if its raunchy illustrations start diverting strangers’ attention away from your tiara-and-sash-wearing bride!

Paperback. 104 pages.

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