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Stud Undies

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The Stud Undies are sure to give your bachelor a big head. Plan the perfect bachelor party with help from the experts at

Hot Facts

  • Stud Undies
  • One size fits all men with 26 inch penises

Item Description

Boost your bachelor's ego with the classic gag gift: Stud Undies. Stud Undies provide the world's biggest banana hammock. These skivvies might be teeny tiny in the waist and bum, but for what they lack in bottom coverage, they make up for in ample peen room.

The Stud Undies have plenty of space for the bachelor's special attributes—26 inches, to be exact. We know that's a little small for the macho man, but hey, at least it's better than those Fruit of the Looms he's been trying to stuff his manhood into for years.

The Stud Undies will make your bachelor feel like a Don Juan on his last night out as a single man.



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