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Boobie Slippers SALE
Boobie Slippers SALE
Boobie Slippers SALE
Boobie Slippers SALE

Boobie Slippers

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Boobie Slippers are a super-soft and hilarious footwear option for the groom-to-be to wear at his bachelor party!

Hot Facts

  • One Size Fits All
  • Soft and Brightly Colored
  • Perfect Footwear for the Groom
  • Item Description

    Hi there, fellas. I usually write product descriptions for the bachelorette party side of this site, but my male coworker has the week off, so here I am, trying to delve into the male psyche. Luckily, I think I’ve got a pretty easy one here. How hard could it possibly be to sell a bunch of men on the idea of Boob Slippers?

    I mean, seriously. If there were only two things in the whole world that men loved, it would be boobs and kicking each other’s asses. And these slippers let you kick each other’s asses USING BOOBS. So, from a guy’s perspective, these have got to be just about the greatest thing ever invented.

    Even if you personally don’t feel that way, I betcha the groom-to-be does. Or his best man does. Or his socially awkward soon-to-be-cousin-in-law who he only invited because the bride guilted him into it. Look, statistically, SOMEBODY at the bachelor party is going to think these are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Better than sliced bread, even. You can’t kick somebody’s ass with sliced bread, and you can’t fondle it either. Sliced bread: 0, Boobie Slippers: 2.

    One size fits all.

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