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What the F*ck? - Totally F*cked Up Version SALE
What the F*ck? - Totally F*cked Up Version SALE
What the F*ck? - Totally F*cked Up Version SALE
What the F*ck? - Totally F*cked Up Version - Game Contents SALE
What the F*ck? - Totally F*cked Up Version - For Any Number of Players SALE

What the Fuck Game - Fucked Up Version

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The What the F*ck? Game can be played by 2 to 100 lushes. Buy What the F*ck? from and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."

Hot Facts

  • What the F*ck? Game
  • A great game to play when you're drinking

Item Description

The What the F*ck drinking game is the perfect game for a pile of silly people who want to get really plastered. Sound like your Bachelorette Party?

This game has over 400 of the most f*cked up questions you've ever heard. So it will never get stale, unlike that open beer that you left in the bathroom.

The person having a turn rolls the dice and is read a question and possible answers from the book corresponding to the roll. The other players vote on which answer they think was chosen. The drinks are then handed out to the losers, and there will be a lot of those running around. I promise. This game is guaranteed to get you and all of your friends bombed beyond belief. Even the winner, who is declared so by having the least amount of drinks, will be sleeping on your couch.

Here are a few sample questions to give you an idea of what you're in for:

- Would you be willing to sand off your nipples for $100, 000? A. Yes B. No

- How would you rather die? A. Get buried alive B. Drown in a giant lake of snot

- What would you rather use as a puppet while performing a show for your neighbors? A. Moist pieces of cat poo B. Roadkill

On that last one, I think I would pick the cat poo. Why not live a little? What the f*ck?

This game includes two different question books, dice, and playing chips. Can be played by 2 to 100 drunkards.

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