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Drink & Dare Bride Bingo - An Awesome Game!

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We like Drink & Dare Bride Bingo because you can play it no matter where you hold the bachelorette party. Get it from the party planning experts at

Hot Facts

  • Drink & Dare Bride Bingo
  • For up to 12 players or teams
  • Perform dares at home or at the bar

Item Description

Bingo is one of those games that is always fun to play, no matter how old you are. This new twist on bingo makes it into a game of dares. It comes with two sets of cards—one that can be used at home, and one that can be used out at the bar. The cards you use at home feature dares that can easily be carried out around the house, while the bar cards use men as props (the way nature intended).

To complete Drink & Dare Bride Bingo, each player or team gets a bingo card and markers. All players begin at the same time, keeping to carry out a row of dares in order to get a "BINGO!"

The At-Home Dare Deck includes dares like:

Moonwalk or Break dance!

Burp your first name.

Without saying a word, make the bride-to-be giggle.

The Out-At-the-Bar Double Dare Deck includes dares like:

Sip a drink while it's held between a guy's legs.

Dance on a bar stool or on a table.

Find a guy who is willing to serenade you.

The first player to get a row of five dares wins. Keep the game going by allowing more girls to finish the game. It's a great idea to get a few inexpensive prizes for your winners!

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