Bride to Be Garter with a Pink and Black Heart

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The Bride to Be Heart Garter is a cute and sexy accessory for your bachelorette to wear at her bachelorette party. Get accessories like this and more at

Hot Facts

  • Bride to Be Heart Garter
  • Pink and black
  • Stretchy and lacy

Item Description

There are lots of cute clothes and accessories here at that the bride-to-be can wear to stand out at her bachelorette party, but some of them might make her feel a little old. Nothing makes you more aware of your reaching a new stage of life than a shirt or button that almost literally screams “I’m about to get married!” So, wearing something like that, the bachelorette might understandably start to look back nostalgically on her wilder youth.

But, if you want to help her relive a bit of that youth instead of just wistfully reflecting on it, you could try giving her this Bride to Be Garter to wear instead. It still says “Bride to Be” on it like all those other items - we wouldn’t want her (or any guys at the bar) forgetting her true status, after all - but in a much sexier way. The words are written in black across a cute, slightly shiny pink heart, which is attached to a lacy pink and black garter. And let me tell you, from personal and secondhand experience: wearing a garter never fails to make a woman feel sexy.

With all the attention she’ll be getting from wearing this garter around, your bride-to-be will feel like she’s a young, wild, free woman again, able to make men bend to her will. But, on the other hand, you don’t need to worry about her getting too much attention, because as soon as they see the words printed on the garter’s heart, they’ll know where the boundaries lie. With this unique combination of sexiness and self-awareness, the bachelorette might just come to terms with her upcoming marriage - although we’re guessing the massive amounts of alcohol you’ll be drinking may be a big factor in that too.

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