Penis Slippers

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Penis Slippers are a plush pair of fun footwear. With a pair of dongs on the front and a healthy store of padding they are sure to satisfy everyone.

Hot Facts

  • A pair of comfy slippers
  • Decorated with plush erect penises

Item Description

Let's face it, most men are led around by their genitals. Why not make that distinction clearer, and get a chance to see what that must be like for them, with these new plush Penis Slippers. With a pair of furry fun poles pointing the way, you'll know who's navigating the ship.

Great for lounging around the house or as bachelorette party wear, these slippers are comfortable and designed to fit almost everyone. At this low price they cost substantially less than the average pair of slippers, and they come with the added bonus of a fake flesh hood ornament.

You could also make these a prize for winning a game at the bachelorette party. Then, all your friends would be competing for the ability to be led around by two soft little penises. Bet you never thought that would happen in your life, huh?

Although the idea of wearing Penis Slippers might not be for everyone, the idea of foot comfort is. And these are some comfortable slippers. They work great, but expect a lot more neighborly smiles when retrieving your newspaper in the morning.

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