A Set of Matching Bracelets for Your Bachelorette Party!


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These matching Bachelorette Party Bracelets will let everyone know who's who with ease. Bachelorette.com has all the accessories you need for an awesome night out with the girls!

Hot Facts

  • Bachelorette Party Bracelet Set
  • Comes with 7 bracelets
  • A special bracelet for the Bride

Item Description

Now here’s something everyone at the party can share and enjoy. All the bridesmaids get little blue ones, and the bride-to-be gets a big, thick, white... bracelet. What did you think I was going to say? Come on, for that to make sense, the bridesmaids would have to be dealing with Smurfs.

The Bachelorette Party Bracelet Set is a comfortable and easy way to identify the bride and up to six bridesmaids. This can be very useful when you’re going out to help find each other in a crowd; just lift your arms up and look for each other’s bracelets. They’re a great alternative to other methods of group identification, like sashes and buttons, if you think those would be too intrusive and ruin your fabulous matching outfits. A bracelet’s about as inconspicuous as you can get without getting matching subdermal implants that make your wrists blink when you’re near each other. And actually, that wouldn’t be very inconspicuous at all. The last thing you want during your Bachelorette Party is to be mistaken for a group of cyborgs sent back in time to destroy humanity when really, the only thing you’re going to destroy tonight is some drinks.

Each pack comes with seven stretchy, flexible rubber bracelets. Six bracelets are blue and say “Bridemaid” in elegant white writing, while the seventh is a larger white band with a tiara and blue writing that says “Bride.”

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