Boob Cookie Cutters

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Make hilarious and delicious boob-shaped cookies for your bachelor party with this pack of two boob-shaped cookie cutters!

Hot Facts

  • Boob-Shaped
  • Reusable
  • Two per pack

  • Item Description

    If you thought Cookie Monster was a fiend for those delicious baked treats when they were ordinary and round, just imagine how he would react to a plate full of THESE babies. We’re not sure exactly what that would look like, but we can guarantee you they wouldn’t be able to show it on PBS.

    They may not be appropriate for Sesame Street, but these Boob Cookie Cutters are definitely appropriate for any bachelor party. All the guys will have a great time snacking on your homemade chocolate chip tits or snicker-boob-les, and you’re sure to get a great photo of the groom-to-be that you can use to blackmail him later.

    Two cookie cutters per package.

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