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Breast Wishes Candle - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Breast Wishes Candle - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE

Breast Wishes Bachelor Party Candle

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What better way to top the boob-shaped cake you made for his bachelor party than with a boob-shaped candle that says "Breast Wishes!"

Hot Facts

  • Boob-Shaped Candle
  • Says "Breast Wishes!"
  • Perfect on Boob Cakes
  • Item Description

    When it’s not enough to simply wish your friend well in his marital endeavors, now you can give him your very breast wishes with the Breast Wishes Candle. You might think it’s enough that you’re baking him a boob-shaped cake in a boob-shaped cake pan for the bachelor party, but honestly, no boob-shaped cake would be complete without a boob-shaped candle to top it off. Boobs on boobs on boobs. What more could a guy ask for on his last night of singleness?

    The Breast Wishes Candle is a large novelty candle that’s the perfect addition to any cake at a bachelor party, whether the cake is boob-shaped or not. This candle is shaped like a generous pair of breasts, with the heart-warming (or at least chest-warming) message “Breast Wishes!” written out in a colorful font. It’s sure to get all the guests talking and make the act of cutting and eating cake even more enjoyable than it already was (if that’s even possible).

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