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Each pack of Dirty Bachelorette Party Photo Props comes with an assortment of naughty phrases and silly cut-out shapes that will liven up your bachelorette party pics!

Hot Facts

  • Naughty Phrases
  • Colorful Cutouts
  • 10 Props Per Pack

  • Item Description

    So you’ve been appointed the official photographer for your friend’s bachelorette party. It might not be as prestigious and glamorous a position as official wedding photographer, but you better believe it’s every bit as important. Of course the bride is going to want good photos to remember her wedding, but she’s going to want to remember the drunken debauchery of her last night of freedom, especially if she intends to drink so much she won’t remember without photographic help!

    It’s a big responsibility, ensuring this night is memorable, but don’t worry, you’ve got this. You’ve just deleted all those embarrassing old Myspace pictures on your phone or camera memory card to make space for a new slew of snaps. Your selfie game is on point. And, perhaps most importantly, you have the help of these Dirty Bachelorette Photo Props.

    Bachelorette Photo Props are cardboard cutouts with fun phrases and designs to make your party pics pop, and the Dirty Bachelorette Photo Prop Set takes a more simplistic approach to that task than some others. Instead of elaborate, distractingly complex designs, these photo props feature simple shapes and a few bold colors that are sure to catch the attention. Some are shaped like masks, glasses, lips, or… other things… you might want to hold up to your face. Others feature words that might describe members of your bridal party, like “I’m Getting Married, Bitches!” for the bride and “Dirty Slut” for… well, hopefully not the bride. And all of them are mounted on sturdy and classy black-and-white cardboard sticks, making them easy to use. These Dirty Bachelorette Photo Props make great props for taking all kinds of photos, or just walking around town with to get some hilarious reactions.

    Comes with 10 photo props.

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