Grow Your Own Penis Towel

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The Grow Your Own Penis Towel makes a great gift for the bachelorette that all your guests are sure to have some fun with at the bachelorette party, too!

Hot Facts

  • Silly Pecker Design
  • Grows Over a Foot Long
  • Just Add Water!

  • Item Description

    Okay, I know a lot of you were probably disappointed when you read the last word of this product’s name. “Grow your own penis?” Oh boy! Doesn’t that sound like a fun bachelorette party activity? Listen, we’ve got some of the best bachelorette party games in the world for sale on this site, but I think that activity would be more interesting than all of them. Unfortunately, that’s not what this is. This is just a towel.

    But it’s still pretty awesome, as far as things-that-don’t-alter-the-fundamental-laws-of-human-biology-because-they-are-just-a-towel go! See, like most penises, the Grow Your Own Penis Towel claims to be a lot bigger than it first appears. But unlike most penises, it’s not lying about that! This compressed towel is only 3 inches long for now, but once you drop it in hot water, it will grow to its full size of over a foot long! You’d better be careful, or the groom’s going to get jealous of that growing power. It may not be a “grow your own penis” kit, but we’re sure that with a little imagination, you and your girlfriends can have almost just as much fun watching it grow!

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