Naughty Toilet Paper

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Naughty Toilet Paper is the perfect finishing touch for your raunchy bachelorette party decoration scheme - nobody will expect it until they go to the bathroom!

Hot Facts

  • One Roll of Toilet Paper
  • Naughty Designs on Every Sheet
  • 2-Ply

  • Item Description

    So, for the bachelorette party you’ll be hosting, imagine you’ve decked out your living room and kitchen with every penis-themed decoration under the sun. Dozens and dozens of dicks, lining the walls, covering the tables, just alllll up in your guests’ faces. They’ll groan and roll their eyes, you’ll grin with delight at their discomfort. And just when they think they’ve seen all the naughtiness you can muster, they’ll go to the bathroom to escape it all, only to find themselves confronted by something even more scandalous: Naughty Toilet Paper.

    Naughty Toilet Paper is a roll of 2-ply toilet paper with designs printed on it. And not just any designs. Very, very naughty designs. So naughty that we dare not even write about them. But, well, you can look at the pictures above and get a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about. Your bachelorette party guests will be peeing or pooing and minding their own business, go to wipe up afterward, and BAM. They’ll never know what hit ‘em.

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