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Penis Coasters SALE
Penis Coasters SALE
Penis Coasters SALE

Penis Coasters

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If you're serving your bachelorette party guests drinks in penis mugs or penis cups, then you've got to get some penis coasters to go underneath them!

Hot Facts

  • Made of Durable Foam
  • Silly and Colorful
  • Six Per Pack
  • Item Description

    The experts agree: drinking out of a penis is the only correct way to consume beverages at a bachelorette party. And luckily, we’ve got so many different ways to do it: penis mugs, penis shot glasses, penis water bottles, the list goes on and on. Of course, there’s a risk you take when you set these penises down, especially when alcohol is involved: they might leave stains on your furniture. And nobody wants to get penis stains on their furniture.

    So, whatever are you to do? This may sound counterintuitive, but all the top Penis Scientists agree that the best way to prevent penis stains is with another penis. Specifically, with Penis Coasters. Not only will these coasters protect your table from the liquid dripping down from your penis glass, they look cute and funny to boot. They’re made of a durable foam-like material that should hold up to all your party’s craziest antics, and they’re each a different color to help each girl remember which one is hers. Don’t get caught drinking out of a penis without them!

    Six coasters per pack.

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