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Penis Pennants will decorate your bachelorette party in a very memorable way. Buy your bachelorette party supplies in total privacy at

Hot Facts

  • Penis Pennants
  • A string of penises to jazz up your party

Item Description

Looking for an exciting new way to draw attention to your garage sale? Bring the zest of penises into your backyard without the annoyance of indecent exposure laws. Your garage sale will be the most popular one in the whole tri-county area in no time.

Just kidding. These might not go over so well at a garage sale. "Parents" seem to have a problem with their "children" being "exposed" to things like this. The Penis Pennants would probably work better at your bachelorette party.

These Penis Pennants can be well hung and stretched to a length of ten feet. Which is, ahem, well hung by any standards. With ten flags of six penises each, this product offers you the unique capability of hanging a chain of sixty. Did you ever imagine you'd have control over the placement of so many penises at once?

Perfect for throwing awesome Bachelorette Parties or making the cover spread of Architectural Digest, Penis Pennants make sure your flag will wave.

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