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The Male Stripper Soap features washboard abs, unbuttoned jeans and a bow tie. Get this fun soap from Bachelorette.com, where we make bachelorette party planning easy.

Hot Facts

  • Bachelorette Party Soap
  • Sexy washboard abs
  • Two by four inches

Item Description

Can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a male stripper? Or maybe you're just a little wary of having a strange, naked man in your house, humping the bride-to-be's leg. Either way, there are plenty of fun ways to spice up your party, without being worried about baby oil in the carpet or the stench of Axe Body Spray lingering in your living room for days.

The Sexy Male Stripper Soap is a cute soap that's formed to look like a hot guy's pecs and torso. It features lots of details, lik a bow-tie and unbuttoned jeans. It is blue and has a fresh scent. Set the Sexy Male Stripper Soap in the bathroom for an extra added decorative surprise. After all, bachelorette parties are all about the awesome details!

One Sexy Male Stripper Soap.

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