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Silly Pecker Decoration Kit SALE
Silly Pecker Decoration Kit SALE
Silly Pecker Decoration Kit SALE
Silly Pecker Decoration Kit SALE

Silly Pecker Decoration Kit

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The Silly Pecker Decoration Kit comes with everything you need to transform your home into a dick-filled wonderland for the bachelorette's delight!

Hot Facts

  • Three Penis Centerpieces
  • Three Swirly Hanging Penises
  • Eight Silly Penis Balloons
  • Item Description

    One of the most important lessons to learn about event hosting is about managing people’s expectations. It’s important that everyone attending a social function have some kind of idea of what they’re getting into, and bachelorette parties are no exception. You ought to be up front with what a wild and raunchy time this is going to be, so no one finds out later and passes out because their delicate sensibilities have been tread upon and they need to be revived with smelling salts. Has anyone even owned smelling salts for the last seventy years? Doubtful. But people have owned plenty of cartoon novelty penises in that time, and that’s what a good bachelorette party should be about.

    The best way to let guests know that things are going to be getting naughty is with over-the-top penis-themed decorations, and when it comes to over-the-top penis-themed decorations, we can’t recommend a kit like this highly enough. It comes with everything you need to deck your place out in wall-to-wall, ball-to-ball cartoon penis action. It includes three swirly penis hanging decorations that you can hang from the ceiling, three penis centerpieces (two large and one HUGE) for your table, and eight balloons with silly penis designs. With all those bases covered, there’s no way they can miss the theme of the party when they walk in. They’ll instantly know that there’s going to be penises, and there’s going to be lots of them.

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