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Bridal Party Battle

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Bridal Party Battle is a game of head-to-head challenges that your whole bachelorette party can participate in. It's perfect for a wild night out at the bar or club.

Hot Facts

  • 42 challenge cards
  • 10 nametag stickers
  • Fun for the whole bridal party

Item Description

It’s not every day you would want to walk around a crowded bar, proudly wearing a brightly-colored sticker that proclaims “I was licked tonight” or “#1 Pecker Inspector.” In fact, you’re probably thinking there are zero nights, ever, in your entire life, that you would want that. Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s one exception: the night you play Bridal Party Battle.

In this zany game that everyone can have fun with, the girls will take turns going head-to-head with another partygoer attempting to complete the challenge on a card. There are three types of cards - Funny, Fueled, and Flirty - and each set of challenges is more wild than the last. You can stack them up in order, so that everyone has a chance to warm up before the truly outrageous dares come out; or you can shuffle them all together, so you never know what the cards are going to tell you to do.

For the first round, the bride-to-be will pick two contestants and draw a card. That card will have a challenge written on it, like “Go around the bar and hug 5 guys. 1st one back to the table wins!” Then, the two competitors will perform the task to the best of their ability. Whoever wins will choose the competitors for the next round, and will get a cute and nifty Battle Badge sticker to prove their victory (In this case, it says “I’m a Hunk Hugger”). Once the deck runs out, whoever’s collected the most Battle Badges wins!

Comes with 42 challenge cards, 1 rules card, and 10 name tag stickers (1 bride, 1 mother of the bride, 1 mother of the groom, 1 maid of honor, and 6 bridesmaids).

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