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Bride-To-Be Pass the Buck - A Game of Truth, Dare or Drink SALE
Bride-To-Be Pass the Buck - 24 Bucks Per Pack SALE

An Easy-To-Play Truth or Dare Game

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We love Pass the Buck because it's easy and cheap. This is a great truth or dare game that's portable and fun to play anywhere.

Hot Facts

  • Bride-To-Be Pass the Buck
  • A Game of Truth, Dare or Drink
  • Easy and fun to play anywhere

Item Description

Pass the Buck is a super easy truth or dare game that looks cute and requires no preparation. At, we love games that require little planning on the part of the ladies throwing the bachelorette party. You already have a ton of decisions to make, tasks to delegate, a venue to find, and snacks to make. And then there's the entertainment. Games are a great way to entertain guests and get them to interact, but it's best when they are easy and put together ahead of time.

Pass the Buck is a simple truth or dare game. Each buck features a truth, and a dare. The player can choose to perform the dare, answer the truth, or pass the buck to the next player—but if you pass the buck, you have to drink!

Pass the Buck can be played at any bachelorette party, whether you throw it at a house, or at a bar. It's also a great game to pass the time during a party bus or limo ride.

24 "bucks" per pack.

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