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This raunchy twist on the classic game of pick-up sticks is a lot more fun. Try to pick up only one dick at a time, or suffer penalties!

Hot Facts

  • Pick-Up Dicks Game
  • Take turns picking up neon dicks
  • Also works as cocktail stirrers!

Item Description

Wikipedia describes the game of pick-up sticks as “a game of physical and mental skill.” But how much skill is there to it, really? You’re just picking up sticks. Any game whose entire set of rules is right there in the name of the game can’t be all that exciting. You might as well be trying to land a ball in a cup. Yawn. Boring!

But what if a game came along that improved upon this formula in just about every way possible? What if there were fun penalties for accidentally moving too many sticks, like taking drinks and doing dares? What if the sticks were bright neon colors to capture your attention way better than plain old wood? And better yet, what if instead of boring old sticks, you were picking up something a little more hilarious?

Well, we’ve got good news for you: Pick-Up Dicks is that game. Players take turns trying to pick up one, and only one, neon dick from a tangled pile. If they accidentally move others, they’re assigned a penalty based on the color of the dicks they accidentally moved. Once all the sticks are picked up, the player with the most is the winner, and she gets to tell someone else to finish her drink!

Of course, with all the breaks from the game you’ll be taking to laugh as your friends grasp at tiny neon dicks, maybe that drink will have settled a bit by the time you get done, and won’t look as appetizing. But don’t worry, because here’s the best part: these pick-up dicks are specially designed so that they also function as cocktail stirrers! With a design as ingenious as this, it’s hard to believe anybody ever played regular old pick-up sticks.

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