Bachelorette Balloon Popping Game

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Decorate the bachelorette party and play a fun game with the Truth or Dare Balloons. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at

Hot Facts

  • Truth or Dare Balloons
  • Decorations and a unique game

Item Description

The Truth or Dare Balloon Pop Game is a game of truth or dare like no other! The Truth or Dare Balloon Popping Game includes 20 balloons, each of which has a truth and a dare inside. Blow up these colorful balloons, and pop them at the bachelorette party for all kinds of loud, hysterical fun!

You can play the Truth or Dare Balloon Popping Game in quite a few ways. You can play it like hot potato, and pass the balloon around. Whoever ends up with the balloon pops it, and performs the truth or dare activity inside. Or you can distribute the balloons uninflated. The first guest to inflate her balloon has to sit on it (pretty fun to do after a couple of drinks!) and perform the truth or dare inside once she pops it. There are even more ways to play listed on the box. This is a new game that no one at your bachelorette party will have tried, and it's tons of fun!

Contents: 20 truth or dare balloons.

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