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Bride-to-Be Ultimate Roll SALE
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Bride-to-Be Ultimate Roll - Four Dice per Game SALE

The ultimate drinking and dice rolling game!

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Bride-to-Be Ultimate Roll is the ultimate dice rolling and drinking party game, because it also makes you do funny and crazy dares. is proud to stock fun games like this one.

Hot Facts

  • Bride-to-Be Ultimate Roll
  • Roll the dice to see who drinks
  • Includes twelve fun and wild dares

Item Description

You’ve probably seen drinking dice before - usually it’s a set of two dice; one that tells you who has to drink, and one that tells you how much. But with only two dice, there’s only 36 possible things that could happen. And that’s no fun. Well, okay, it’s still pretty fun because everyone’s slowly getting drunk, but it’s not as fun as it could be. You know what would really shake things up? Adding two more dice.

You might be wondering, what would these other dice have written on them? Where to drink? How to drink? Nope. Even better. The third and fourth dice in this set add... drumroll please... DARES!

In this drinking dice game, players will take turns (starting with the bride-to-be, of course!) rolling all four dice. The white die tells you who should drink (for example, the girl to the right, or all blondes), the light pink die tells you what kind of drink to take (like making a toast, or chugging a beer), and the hot pink and black dice give you dares to perform along with that drink. The dares on the hot pink die are mostly silly, like use a foreign accent or cluck like a chicken. The black die’s dares, on the other hand, are a bit raunchier - twerk for a guy or fake a vocal orgasm. With four dice, there are almost 1300 different combinations, so you can almost guarantee that no two rolls will be the same, and your whole group will be entertained all night long!

Comes with four dice.

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