Drinking Buddies - Sexy Men to Guard Your Drink!


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Let everyone know which drink is yours in style with the Drinking Buddies drink markers from Bachelorette.com, your source for Bachelorette Party accessories.

Hot Facts

  • Drinking Buddies
  • Six hunky drink markers
  • Different names and underwear colors to identify your drink

Item Description

Hmm, something’s missing from this Sex on the Beach... Vodka, check. Peach schnapps, check. Orange and cranberry juice, check. What could it be?

Oh, of course! Chad! That’s what - or who - this drink is missing! Can’t forget about Chad. No Sex on the Beach is complete without that buff hunk. Chad, along with his friends Brad, Ryan, Mitch, Josh, and Cody, are every girl’s best friends (besides the girls you’re partying with, of course) - the Drinking Buddies!

The Drinking Buddies are everything a girl wants that a real man isn’t. They’ll reliably keep you company and never leave your side if you don’t want them to. They’ll fiercely defend your drink, and look great while doing so, showing off their toned abs and speedo-clad butts. You can bend their arms and legs in all sorts of unnatural ways (we’re not sure if that’s a quality you really need in a guy, but just in case it is, they’ve got you covered).

Drinking Buddies are a set of 6 little plastic men that you can attach to the edge of your glass or cup with their secure, manly hands. Drinking Buddies make a great way to tell whose drink is whose: “Josh is mine!” “No, I’m drinking with Ryan!” Just don’t get too jealous over these little guys, there’s plenty of hunk to go around!



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