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Jumbo Penis Straw SALE
Jumbo Penis Straw SALE
Jumbo Penis Straw SALE
Jumbo Penis Straw SALE

Jumbo Penis Straw

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The Jumbo Penis Straw is the biggest penis straw we've ever sold, and best of all, it's available in either pink or white colors for any kind of bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • 11 Inches Long
  • Detailed Balls and Shaft
  • Two Colors
  • Item Description

    So, you’ve got enough penis straws that everyone at the party can drink through one. Great! Everyone should feel included in the phallic fun. But you still want the bride-to-be to feel special when she drinks her drink. Well, good news, because now you can designate superiority through straws the same way guys do with the real thing: make sure the bachelorette’s penis straw is bigger than all the others.

    The Jumbo Penis Straw stands a cut (or uncut) above all other penis straws. The straw is 11 inches long in total, the penis portion is over an inch thick, and even the opening you drink through is over a half inch wide. Plus, it’s realistically detailed, with a veiny shaft and textured balls. This is the undisputed king of the penis straws, no debate or comparison. Perfect for the bachelorette to drink those Blowjobs or Sex on the Beaches through.

    The Jumbo Penis Straw is available in only one color at this time: light/white flesh-colored. 

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