Chode Penis Beer Topper

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Drink straight from a penis, as nature intended. Plan the perfect bachelorette party with crazy drinking accessories at

Hot Facts

  • Fat Penis Beer Topper
  • A wild drink topper
  • For beer or soda cans

Item Description

We like the Fat Penis Beer Topper because well, how do we say this tactfully: it's a chode of a penis with REALLY big balls. Okay, that wasn't how you say it tactfully. But are you worried about tact when you're sipping a cold beer out of a realistic penis? Didn't think so.

The bachelorette party is the perfect place to rock the Fat Penis Beer Topper. Better than bringing it to your parents' 30th wedding anniversary or church, really. The Fat Penis Beer Topper fits well over most beer and soda cans, so you can use it to top the bachelorette's favorite drink.

1 Fat Penis Beer Topper.

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