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If your bachelorette wants something special to drink her mixed drinks out of at her party, the Pecker Party Mug is perfect. Bachelorette.com has a wide selection of drinking accessories for your bachelorette party.

Hot Facts

  • Says "I Heart Cocks" on the side
  • Holds 20 oz of liquid
  • Sturdy and durable

Item Description

Here at Bachelorette.com, we sell a lot of dick-shaped containers you can drink out of. Martini glasses, shot glasses, water bottles, you name it. And while each and every one of them is great for sipping cocktails or taking shots at a party, they’re mostly made of plastic, which isn’t too great for hot beverages. The night of the bachelorette party, this probably won’t be an issue - nobody wants a warm beer or a hot tequila shot. But what if you want to give the bachelorette something a little more versatile and lasting? Something she can use to drink her morning coffee just as easily as her evening glass of wine?

Enter the Pecker Party Mug. This hefty dick is made out of a heavy-duty ceramic material, making it a great insulator for hot and cold beverages alike. Its dick-like shape is not quite as refined as some other cups, but don’t worry - the “I Heart Cock” printed in large bold letters on the side should clear up any confusion anyone might have about what it is. Not only will everyone at the party think it’s a hoot, the bride will be using it day and night for years to come - assuming one of the bridesmaids doesn’t steal it for herself!

The Pecker Party Mug is 6.5 inches tall and holds up to 20 ounces of liquid.

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