A Set of 6 Shot Glass Necklaces for Your Bachelorette Party


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The Bachelorette Party Shot Glass Necklace Set is a good way to ensure you don't lose your shot glasses, look amazing, have matching outfits, and get the bride special attention, all in one!

Hot Facts

  • Bachelorette Party Shot Glass Necklace Set
  • Six Shot Glass Necklaces
  • A special design for the bride!

Item Description

Party favors are a lot of fun, and at the time, they often seem like one of the best parts of the party. But how often do you really find yourself actually using them once the party’s over? You’ve probably still got a drawer full of noise makers, plastic slapping hands, and other useless doodads you got as party favors at birthdays when you were younger. For your upcoming bachelorette party, how about something a little more practical?

This set of 6 Bachelorette Party Shot Glass Necklaces is just the thing you’re looking for. Not only are they fun and pretty like any good party favor should be, but they’re also very practical. Your guests will probably want to use them right then and there at the party, and keep using them for years to come!

As if having a wasn’t useful enough, these shot glasses also come attached to lanyard necklaces, so you can wear them around your neck and never worry about losing them. We would recommend making sure they’re empty before doing that, though. Things could get a little messy otherwise. These are fairly large shot glasses, though, and definitely hold more than a standard shot, so a little bit of a mess might be unavoidable anyways. But your guests won’t mind. They’ll be too busy having a fantastic time!

Of course, this set may be a gift for all the guests to share in, but don’t think the bachelorette is getting left out! She gets her own special shot glass to distinguish her from all the rest. Five of the six pink and purple shot glasses say “I’m With the Bride,” but the sixth says “I’m the Bride” and features a reversed color scheme to further distinguish it. This way, everyone can feel included in the fun and festivities, and the bride still gets to feel special. That should keep everyone happy all night, and if it doesn’t, the shots you take out of them sure will!

Comes with six shot glasses on lanyards.

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