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No One Will Suspect This Sunscreen Flask! SALE

Hide Your Booze with the Sunscreen Flask

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This Sunscreen Flask is a convincing and hilarious way to sneak alcohol into a bar or other venue. It might prove quite useful at your bachelorette party.

Hot Facts

  • Sunscreen Flask
  • Holds about 8 oz of liquid
  • Looks just like a sunscreen bottle

Item Description

Has this ever happened to you? You’re on the beach, ready to get your tan on: towel laid out, umbrella set at the perfect angle, sunglasses in place - and you go to start applying your suntan lotion. But when you unscrew the cap, a whiskey coke pours out! That’s not going to be very good for tanning at all!

No? Just us? Man, we really need to stop mixing up our actual sunscreen and tanning lotion with our flasks that just look like it. And this sunscreen flask sure does look like it. This waterproof plastic bottle looks exactly like a sunscreen bottle, making it the perfect way to smuggle booze into any kind of venue where you wouldn’t normally be able to. You can throw it in your purse and people won’t think twice about it in most circumstances. Though, you may want to come up with another solution if you’re going somewhere where you absolutely wouldn’t need sunscreen, like, say, a movie theater in Alaska in February. Other than that, though, you should be good to get your drink on.

Comes with one fake sunscreen bottle, one funnel for pouring, and five seals for a tamper resistant look. Bottle holds approximately 8 ounces of liquid.



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