Twist My Nuts Corkscrew

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The Twist My Nuts Corkscrew is a dual purpose bachelorette party supply - it makes a great gag gift for the bride, and you can use it to open drinks at the party!

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  • Functional Corkscrew
  • Funny Gag Gift
  • Just Grab a Pair... of Glasses!

  • Item Description

    Every bachelorette party is as unique as the bride-to-be, but in our extensive research we’ve found there are two activities that are almost always found at any good bachelorette party: getting drunk and laughing at men’s expense. Well you’re in luck, because the Twist My Nuts Corkscrew will help you do both! This sturdy metal corkscrew will make opening bottle after bottle of wine a breeze, and the pair of plastic acorns at the end will provide countless opportunities for nut-twisting jokes. The bachelorette might even learn a technique or two that she can use to keep her future husband in line!

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