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Bride Button SALE
Bride Button on a Bachelorette SALE

Pink Bride Button

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Show off your bride on her last day as a single girl. Get your essential bachelorette items at

Hot Facts

  • Bride Button
  • A button that tells everyone who the bachelorette is
  • Dress up your bachelorette for her big day

Item Description

On her special night, it's necessary for the bachelorette to wear every possible item of bride-to-be attire. Otherwise, how will anyone know who she is? It's important to draw as much attention to her as possible.

Let's go through the checklist together. You will get her either a veil or tiara, perhaps a t-shirt and a fake, gaudy ring... something's still missing. Some inch of her person isn't covered yet. Oh! Of course! This Bride Button will top off her look.

This button is perfect for all sorts of pre-bridal occasions. She can wear it during the bridal shower, to her rehearsal dinner, and of course to the bachelorette party. She can even wear it to the office, the grocery store, the gym, the post office, the mall, and while walking her dog. Because pretty much every occasion is a pre-bridal occasion when you've got a snazzy button like this.

Yes, your bachelorette can wear this Bride Button all of the time... just make sure she doesn't wear it to the wedding. That might be just a little bit tacky, with the dress and all.

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