Bride To Be Flashing Sash

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The Flashing Bride To Be Sash ensures that your bachelorette stands out. Order the Flashing Bride To Be Sash from and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."

Hot Facts

  • The Flashing Bride To Be Sash
  • A pink and white sash that says, "Bride To Be"
  • Dotted with lots of flashing red lights

Item Description

The Flashing Bride To Be Sash is a festive sash that's dotted with lots of flashing red lights that are sure to make your bachelorette stand out in a crowd. It's one of the most useful and practical fashion accessories we've ever encountered. Worried about your bachelorette getting lost in that dark bar or night club you're going to because it has the best drink specials (albeit not the best lighting)? Problem solved.

Even when the lights aren't flashing, this spectacular pink and white sash attracts quite a bit of attention. Perfect for making your bachelorette feel as special as she deserves to on her big night out. This wide sash has a nice feel and is quite large, so it can fit any bride-to-be and go with any outfit.

This is pretty close to the look and feel of a Miss America sash, and I'm willing to bet that your friend will feel like a contestant when she wears it at her bachelorette party. If you want her to look and feel like she is more than second runner-up, pick up our Bachelorette Tiara for the finishing touch.

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