Penis Ruler

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The Penis Ruler makes a great gag gift or party favor for bachelor parties and bachelorette parties alike, and the jokes you'll make about it practically write themselves!

Hot Facts

  • Precise Measurements
  • 8 in / 20 cm Long
  • Realistic Shape

  • Item Description

    After centuries and centuries, if not millennia, of men obsessively using rulers to measure their penises, I guess somebody decided it was finally time to cut out the middleman and just make the ruler itself a penis. Plus, this makes the time-honored tradition of dick measuring a lot more inclusive - now even women can measure their penises, when they have a Penis Ruler! Because it’s so inclusive, the Penis Ruler makes a hilarious gag gift for bachelor parties and bachelorette parties alike. You could probably use it for all kinds of fun party games, too, although you might need a few drinks in you first before you start getting any ideas about that!

    Measures up to 8 inches / 20 centimeters.

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