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The Accommodator - A Dildo For Your Face! SALE
The Accommodator - A Dildo For Your Face! SALE

Bachelor Sash - The Sash for Him

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Dress him up for his big night with the Bachelor Sash. Get it at, where we help plan excellent bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Hot Facts

  • Bachelor Party Sash
  • A sash for the bachelor

Item Description

One of the best parts of a Bachelor party is giving the Groom-to-be the most outrageous gag gift you can find.  Well, look no further than the Accommodator.   Imagine the mouth drops and laughs you’ll get when he opens this gift and reveals this latex dong for his (or his partner’s) face!  

Oh, the fun you’ll have as you and your buddies pass this around and try to figure out how to wear it and how it works!  Once everyone is done trying to figure it out, you’ll be able to tell them that it’s a chin mount strap-on that’s designed to add penetration pleasure to oral sex.  

Who knows? Depending on how adventurous the bride-to-be (or groom-to-be)  is, maybe they’ll even end up using it!

1 Strap-On For Your Face

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