Bar Dare Stickers - For the Bachelorette Party

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The Bar Dare Stickers Game is a fun and unique bachelorette party game where your guests will complete challenges to win stickers they can wear all night.

Hot Facts

  • Perform the dare to win the sticker
  • Great game for the bar or club
  • 40 stickers per pack

  • Item Description

    Getting the bachelorette to pull ridiculous stunts and perform absurd dares at the bar has never been easier, thanks to the Bar Dare Stickers! This minimalist bachelorette party game fits right in your pocket and consists of only one component: a stack of 40 diamond ring-shaped stickers, each of which has a different dare written on them. These dares range from trusty mainstays like “Beg someone until he buys you a drink” to some truly out-there endeavors like “Curse at and pretend to bitch-slap yourself.”

    Better yet, the Bar Dare Stickers game is as easy to play as it is to carry around with you. The bachelorette simply needs to choose and perform any 20 of the 40 dares while you’re at the bar, club, or out on the town. Once she performs a dare, she can stick the corresponding sticker somewhere on her outfit. Once she’s completed 20 of them, she earns the right to assign the remaining dares to all her guests, so watch out!

    Comes with 40 dare stickers.

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