Bride to Be Game Centerpiece

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You can never have enough games at bachelorette parties. This penis centerpiece doubles as a truth or dare game. Get it from the party planners at

Hot Facts

  • Bride to Be Truth or Dare Centerpiece
  • With truth and dare games
  • Cute bride and engagement ring graphic

Item Description

The Bride to Be Truth or Dare Centerpiece is a great centerpiece if you're looking to kill two birds with one stone. Decorate your table as you entertain your guests. We like this centerpiece because of the cute design, the PG-rated dares, and the more raunchy truths.

The only drawbacks to this centerpiece: It is a little hard to put together. It comes flat packed, and it takes a little finesse to get the base to fan out evenly. As you can see, ours ended up a little bit like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The included spinner only spins on one side, so you have to pop it out and reinsert it between truths and dares. It has some design issues, but we really like the games, so we still recommend it.

This centerpiece stands about 14 inches tall.

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