IOU Dares - A Great Bar Game To Play with Guys

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The IOU Dare Game is a game of dares for a wild group of girls. Play this game at the bachelorette party night out on the town.

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  • IOU Dare Game
  • Secret dares for a night out

Item Description

Want to make some guy friends out at the bar? Or maybe even find a man? Hey, you're doing all this party planning for the bride-to-be; you may as well plot some fun for the single girls at the bachelorette party. The Bride To Be IOU Dare Game helps you do just that!

This is a simple game that's perfect for bar-hopping or a stop at the bar. It features dares like: "Collect three business cards and give them to the bride to be," "Get a guy to sign his name on a body part of your choosing," and "Retrieve a condom from any guy."

HIlarious and easy to play, The Bride-to-Be Dare Game will get you immersed in all sorts of inappropriate conversation. The best part is that each dare is hidden until the player opens it. Once it is opened, she has to complete the dare, no matter how embarrassing! Either that or she has to drink. You make the rules!

Contents: 55 pull-tab dare cards.

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