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I Never Have... But I Will!

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I Never Have... But I Will! is a bachelorette party game of outrageous dares and hijinks that the entire party can play together!

Hot Facts

  • 100 dare cards
  • 6 dares per card
  • Any number of players
  • Item Description

    Ever wanted to watch one of your friends lick off someone else’s lipstick, or make out with a mirror, or let someone else treat their bare ass crack like a hot dog bun? Now’s your chance to see all these ridiculous shenanigans and more unfold with the I Never Have... But I Will! Game.

    The rules are simple: draw a card, roll the die, find the corresponding dare on the card and read it out: “I never have ____.” Then, everyone indicates who among them has or has not done that before. The first player to shout out “... But I Will!” and perform the dare gets a point (or a drink, if you’re playing it as a drinking game)! The game is easy to play with any number of players, but you won’t believe how much fun it can be watching some of the dares acted out. And with 600 dares, you’ve got enough material to be acting out these wacky hijinks all night long.

    Comes with 100 dare cards (6 dares per card), a 6-sided die, and a rules sheet.



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