Pecker Smackers

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Whether you're playing drinking games or just smacking each other's asses at the bachelorette party, Pecker Smackers are a great way to add a little fun!

Hot Facts

  • Brightly Colored
  • Firm When Fully Inflated
  • 2 Per Pack

  • Item Description

    This may surprise you, but bachelorette parties and bachelor parties actually have a lot in common. The person about to get married is the center of attention. Everybody’s getting really drunk. There might be a stripper or two. But there are some things about bachelor and bachelorette party that seem fated to always be different, just by virtue of the differences between the sexes. For example, guys have dicks, which means they can smack each other upside the head with their dicks as a fun party game. Girls don’t have dicks, so they can’t do that.

    … Until now. Thanks to Pecker Smackers, you too can experience the sheer thrill of smacking your friend upside her head with your massive penis. Each of these two inflatable wieners is almost 2 feet long, and they’re quite firm when fully inflated, so the impact will definitely be felt. You can use them for drinking games, or just whip them out on unsuspecting guests in the middle of other activities. Pecker Smackers are so big, and so good for smacking people with, that you’ll make all the actual guys jealous that their dicks aren’t so big and smack-worthy.

    … And yes, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you DARE tell me that guys don’t actually smack each other upside the head with their dicks at bachelor parties. We all have fantasies, okay? Let me have this one.

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