Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor Game

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The Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor game gets lots of laughs. Plan the perfect bachelorette party with help from the experts at

Hot Facts

  • Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor
  • A hilarious bachelorette party game
  • With two-sided poster

Item Description

Invite just one muscular hottie to your party when you order Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor! This classic bachelorette party game will have the bachelorette and guests rolling on the floor with laughter.

Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor is an easy game to play. Just pin the life-size macho man poster on the wall. You can choose whether to display him in low-slung jeans, or just in his tiny little boxer briefs (the jeans are a great option for a tamer party). Now, give the first player one of the game pieces, which consist of all different kinds of rockets, cartoon penises, and studded balls. Put a blindfold on the player, spin her around and let her Pin the Torpedo on the Sailor. Whoever gets closest to his junk wins!

Play this hilarious party game at the bachelorette party. It's a fun game to play at house parties or before you go out on the town for the night.

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