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Suck for a Buck Game - Candy - 50 Packs - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE
Suck for a Buck Game - Candy - 50 Packs - Bachelorette Party Supplies SALE

Suck for a Buck Game - Candy

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The Suck for a Buck Game is a hilarious game for the bachelorette to play at the bar or club. This is the candy required for the game. Bib sold separately.

Hot Facts

  • Suck for a Buck Bar Game
  • 50 Packs of Candy
  • Bib Sold Separately
  • Item Description

    Okay, so your friend’s getting engaged, and you’re planning her bachelorette party. What would you do if she came up to you one day with a “brilliant” idea for the party: “What if, all night long, we got strangers at the bar to pay me a dollar for the right to suck something off of my body?”

    You’d probably cancel the party immediately and send her and her fiance in for couple’s counseling, right? But the bachelorette is an amateur, and here at, we’re bachelorette party planning experts. So you’d totally trust us if we told you it was okay, right?

    Okay, maybe it requires a little more explanation first. We’re talking about the Suck for a Buck Game, and it’s totally on the up-and-up. See, the bachelorette wears this red and white bib that says “Suck for a Buck!” on it, which you tape or safety pin a bunch of little packs of candy to in the designated spots. Then, she can sell these packs of candy to party attendees or other people you meet out on the town for $1 a piece, allowing them to remove the candy from the bib with either their hand or their mouth. See, that’s practically the picture of innocence compared to whatever dirty stuff you were imagining!

    The Suck for a Buck Game is a great way for the bachelorette to make a little money to pay for drinks at her bachelorette party, and an even better way for everyone in attendance to get a good laugh.

    This is the Suck for a Buck Candy. Bib sold separately. 50 packs of candy per box.

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