Rainbow Bite-Size Penis Candy


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The Rainbow Bite-Size Penis Candies come in a pack of 12. Get a few packs to set out for your bachelorette party guests.

Hot Facts

  • Rainbow Bite-Size Penis Candies
  • Bite sized and scrumptious

Item Description

The Rainbow Bite-Size Penis Candies give you a penis in (almost) every color of the rainbow. For some reason, they left the "I" out of "ROYGBIV." Perhaps they weren't sure what an indigo penis would taste like.

Each Rainbow Penis Candy has a smooth, chocolate-like texture and a taste that corresponds to its color: the red dicks are cherry; the orange cocks are orange; the yellow peckers are lemon; the green disco sticks are mint; the blue schlongs are blue rasberry and the purple ding-a-lings are grape. Sample each and every flavored penis at the bachelorette party.

12 tiny candy penises.

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