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Bride to Be Sash - With Zany Dares - Clearance! SALE
Bride to Be Sash - With Zany Dares Hidden Inside SALE
Bride to Be Sash - Reading a Dare SALE
Bride to Be Sash - With Zany Dares - Worn by the Bachelorette SALE

Bride to Be Dare Sash

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The Dare Me Bride to Be Sash comes with a pocket that holds dare cards for the bachelorette to pass out. Get this sash at

Hot Facts

  • Bride to Be Sash
  • Bright pink
  • With dare cards

Item Description

Get a cool bachelorette sash and a great bachelorette party game all in one when you pick up the Dare Me Bride-to-Be Sash. The Dare Me Sash is bright pink, with silver gemstones that spell out "Bride To Be." It will look great over any outfit and fit most bachelorettes.

The Dare Me Bride-to-Be Sash has a hidden secret! There's a pocket in the sash that holds 12 dare cards, each printed with two dares. Party guests take turns drawing dare cards and performing them with the bachelorette. You'll get dares like:

  • Help me host a hairy chest contest.
  • Take random photos of me with hot men.
  • Propose a ridiculous toast for me.
  • And 21 more dares!

The Dare Me Bride-to-Be Sash is the perfect sash to wear out to the bar, where a lot of men can serve as your victims—I mean, participants. Your party guests will meet lots of guys and have tons of fun when the bachelorette rocks the Dare Me Bride-to-Be Sash.

1 Dare Me Bride-to-Be Sash. 12 Dare Cards.


Customer Reviews

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A "Bride to Be" Sash with A Built In Game!

This was kind of like a 2 for 1. I wanted a sash for the Bachelorette and I saw this one with the cards in it. The game was actually pretty fun. The bride loved dolling out the cards to her guests and the girls got into it. By the end of the night, we knew practically everyone at the bar and we ended up staying until it closed. If you're going to a bar, I definitely get something like this.

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