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The Sizzling Sergeant Fireman Doll With Hard Penis SALE
The Sizzling Sergeant Fireman Doll With Hard Penis SALE
The Sizzling Sergeant Fireman Doll With Hard Penis SALE
The Sizzling Sergeant Fireman Doll With Hard Penis SALE

Black, Male, Blow-Up Doll

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The Sizzling Sergeant is a black male blow up doll that has a penis. This is a great bachelorette party accessory. We know your guests will love it.

Hot Facts

  • Black Blow Up Doll
  • With an erect rubber penis
  • Wild fun!

Item Description

The Sizzling Sergeant Doll Stands Ready To Bring The Heat To Your Bachelorette Party. They say a hard man is good to find and we've found a great hard, black man blow up fireman for your bachelorette party. He is tall, dark, and erect.

We probably should let you know that when we say he "stands ready" we really mean that his penis is erect. The inflatable doll doesn't actually stand up on its own. The weight of his dong has him falling forward.

Another feature(?) is his open mouth and textured butthole. That's a feature you didn't think you needed!

How Do You Use The Sizzling Sergeant?

First you have to inflate him, which takes a while and will give you a headache if you try it yourself. Maybe get a friend to help or use some kind of machine.

It's always fun to dance with him.

You can put something in his mouth. Like a cigar, beer bottle, hot dog, or ear of corn.

You can carry him around by the penis. It actually makes a convenient handle.

If your friends don't try to give him a prostate exam, you need new friends.

Hi Physical Attributes. The Sizzling Sergeant is packaged in a box that has a fireman on it, but the doll itself shows no sign of that profession. He does have nice dark skin. His six pack is printed on his body, so you can't run your fingers over it in the dark, he has a rubber penis and butthole, and his face is printed on. He stands about 5'7" which is pretty tall for a blow up male doll.

Blow up dolls are a classic bachelorette party item and The Sizzling Sergeant is no exception. It's tough to find African American so we are happy to have this guy in our selection here at, the world's largest bachelorette party store.

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