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Stretchy Pecker Toy SALE
Stretchy Pecker Toy SALE
Stretchy Pecker Toy SALE

Stretchy Pecker Toy

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The Stretchy Pecker Toy stretches and stretches and stretches and makes a great gag gift or party favor!

Hot Facts

  • Stretches Out Long
  • Super Tough
  • Great Party Favor!
  • Item Description

    The Stretchy Pecker is quickly becoming one of our favorite bachelorette party gag gifts here at He may not look like much at first glance, but you know what they say - he’s a grower, not a shower.

    We’ve found this little guy to be a ton of fun at bachelorette parties. You can incorporate him into your party games. You can have a challenge to see who’s capable of getting him the hardest - er, well, the longest, at least. He’s not really gonna get hard no matter how much you play with him, unless maybe you stick him in the freezer for a few days or something. And yet, even without getting hard, he can grow to be way longer than any real guy! And I don’t know what bride wouldn’t want to keep a fella like that around.

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