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Suction Cup Penis Soap - With Free Sperm! SALE
Suction Cup Penis Soap - With Free Sperm! SALE
Suction Cup Penis Soap - With Free Sperm! SALE

Suction Cup Penis Soap

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This Dick & Sperm Soap is the perfect surprise to hide in the bathroom at your bachelorette party - just watch the looks on your guests faces after they use the bathroom!

Hot Facts

  • 6 inches tall
  • Suction cup base
  • Bonus sperm soap
  • Item Description

    You know a bachelorette party is one dirty, raunchy affair when you’re using sperm to get clean. I mean, damn, what nasty business have you been up to that rubbing that funky spunk all over your body would make you smell nicer by comparison? I certainly hope nobody tells the groom about whatever you’ve been up to.

    Okay, so maybe the bride-to-be is a prude or her little sister is there and you’re actually having a fairly chaste and innocent evening. Well, we’ve got news for you: this sperm is still going to make you smell nicer than you did. How could that be? Well, because as it says in big letters all over the package: It’s Soap! The sperm is soap. The penis is soap. Everything inside this box is soap!

    In fact, we wondered why they were calling such bold attention to the fact that it’s soap so many times on the packaging. Well, it turns out this soap penis actually has a suction cup on the bottom of it that lets you stick it to a wall or another surface. And we can’t quite figure out why. Why would you need to stick a phallic-shaped object to a wall for hands-free use? Surely, whatever the reason is, it can’t be anything too dirty - it’s soap, after all! It’s there to help you get clean! Maybe there are some fun bachelorette party drinking games you could play with the soap dick suction cupped to the wall.

    Comes with one penis-shaped soap and one sperm-shaped soap. Penis soap measures approx. 6 inches tall with a suction cup base.

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