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Penis pants are an inflatable penis costume that you wear as pants SALE
This inflatable penis costume doesn't cover your body, it is a pair of pants with a giant inflatable penis coming out of them SALE

Inflatable Bachelorette Party Penis Pants

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The Bachelorette Party Inflatable Penis Pants are a hilarious item that will stun and amaze your party guests! Get the best bachelorette party advice at

Hot Facts

  • Inflatable Penis Pants
  • You'll need 4 AA batteries to blow them up with the included inflator
  • Item Description

    Have you ever thought about having your very own penis, and what size it would be? I know mine would be big. I mean, I can just feel it. I've got BIG DICK ENERGY. As I close my eyes and really imagine my penis, it's girthy. It's white, with a bright pink tip. And it's got strange, big balls, that protrude from each side, like giant balloons.
    And ... it's attached to a pair of blue drawstring pants.
    Now I (and you) can bring my fantasy to life, with the Inflatable Penis Pants. These bachelorette party pants are ridick-ulous and fun, and allow you to own the place with your BDE.
    We love these pants because they will surprise the bride to be, and make for a hilarious entrance. Nothing screams, "we're going to have a wild bachelorette party" quite like someone walking in with these bad boys on, and doing a couple of grinds on the bachelorette's leg!
    These pants come with everything you need to blow them up, and will fit a large variety of body types (they've got a drawstring). Take a look at the video to see how they fit. 4 AA batteries not included; make sure to pick some up!

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