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Silly Sex Playing Cards SALE
Silly Sex Playing Cards SALE
Silly Sex Playing Cards SALE
Silly Sex Playing Cards SALE

Silly Sex Playing Cards

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Looking for a hilarious and raunchy game to play at your bachelorette party? Turn any card game into one with these Silly Sex Playing Cards!

Hot Facts

  • 54 Cards
  • Unique Illustrations on Each Card
  • Ridiculous Sex Designs
  • Item Description

    So, you say you want the raunchiest game of King’s Cup ever at your bachelorette party, eh? Cartoon penises or boobs just aren’t naughty enough? Well then. Let’s stop beating around the bush, just showing some silly cartoon body parts, and show everyone the act itself: hardcore, unadulterated, no-holds-barred, cartoon sex.

    Silly Sex Playing Cards are a standard deck of playing cards, but the designs on them are anything but standard. Each card features its own unique artwork of a cartoon couple having sex, and most of them are in some truly outrageous positions. Ever seen someone have sex while waterskiing? Or while riding on a magic carpet? You have now. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend that the bride-to-be use these sex position cards as educational materials to prepare her for her upcoming matrimony, as some of them look pretty dangerous, but they are sure to get everyone talking about the cards they held long after the game is over.

    54 cards per deck.

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