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Tall Penis Beer Topper SALE
Tall Penis Beer Topper SALE
Tall Penis Beer Topper SALE
Tall Penis Beer Topper SALE

Tall Penis Beer Topper

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The Tall Penis Beer Topper fits over your beer can to make drinking it a lot funnier - or you can put any beverage in the included beverage container!

Hot Facts

  • 5.5" Tall
  • Comes with a drink container
  • Also fits cans
  • Item Description

    Have you always wanted to drink out of one of our many fine penis cups or other penis drinking vessels, but have a crippling fear of pouring beer from its can into another container? We’ve never heard of that particular phobia before but hey, we’re not here to judge. We’re here to alleviate your fears and tell you that yes, you too can now drink your glorious beverage from a glorious penis without needing a drop to leave the beer can. Well, until you drink it, presumably. But you’ll be drinking it from a penis, thanks to the Tall Penis Beer Topper.

    The Tall Penis Beer Topper is a realistic plastic dick with balls that fit onto a standard can of beer or soda. The penis measures 5.5 inches tall, which might not sound that tall for a penis, but when you add in the height of the average beer can, you can clearly see that this guy is a grower not a shower. If your beverage of choice at your bachelorette party is beer, soda, or anything else that comes in a can, the Tall Penis Beer Topper is the perfect way to guzzle in style, all while doing your part to combat the stigma against weirdly specific beverage-related fears.

    Comes with the clear plastic container pictured and fits most standard cans.

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