X-Rated Fortune Cookies


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Get your guests riled up with these X-Rated Fortune Cookies. Plan your naughty bachelorette party with Bachelorette.com -- we won't tell a soul.

Hot Facts

  • X-Rated Fortune Cookies
  • About 6 cookies to each box
  • What will your naughty fortune be?

Item Description

X-Rated Fortune Cookies are cute and humorous. They are a fun item for an adult's birthday or bachelorette party. This is a very unique item that will be a welcome addition to any party's snack table. Anybody can whip up a boob-shaped cake or fill a bowl with penis-shaped candies. But naughty fortune cookies? That's taking things to a whole new level of confectionery cunning!

We recommend not telling any of your guests what kind of fortunes lay in wait for them when they unwrap one of these cookies. That way you get to see the surprised looks on all their faces. Maybe you could let whoever's decided to be the evening's official photographer in on the secret. That way she can capture all your friends' priceless reactions when they read what's inside!

We opened a package here in the office. Mine told me that my lucky number was 69-69-69-69.

How did it know?

Each package contains about 6 cookies.

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Customer Reviews

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