Bachelorette Party Phrase Candy

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Bachelorette Party Phrase Candy is like those conversation hearts from when you were a kid, but a lot tastier and a whole lot raunchier!

Hot Facts

  • Hilarious Phrases on Each Piece
  • White, Pink and Purple
  • Surprisingly Tasty

  • Item Description

    Remember those little heart-shape candies you used to get from all your elementary school classmates on Valentine’s Day? The ones that had mushy-gushy phrases written on them and tasted like fresh chalk? Well, Bachelorette Party Phrase Candy is the grown-up version of those. It’s for grown-ups in two ways:

    1. It actually tastes like candy, instead of chalk, acknowledging that as an adult you have the agency to pick out things to eat that are actually enjoyable instead of whatever everybody’s just giving you by default
    2. The PG phrases like “Be Mine” and “Too Cute” have been replaced by more bachelorette party-appropriate phrases like “Horny Moon” and “Suck for a Buck”

    Put those facts together, and Bachelorette Party Phrase Candy is a way better way to show your friends you care than Valentines hearts ever were. Just make sure you buy enough to share with the whole class (party)!

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